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Portable MRI machine

Your MRI container – available anytime, anywhere.

The JMP Medical MRI relocatable building is easy to load and fast to transport. Its compact dimensions and moderate weight make special transport unnecessary. A conventional crane is sufficient for loading and unloading. As a result of this easy handling, you quickly have a fully-fledged mobile MRI solution at your disposal on-site. Yourself-contained MRI reloctable building functioning as a mobile MRI unit!

Our mobile MRI unit was conceived as a special container for magnetic resonance imaging and is equipped accordingly. It can be transported, connected up, and used all over the globe. Before shipping, the container is adapted to the conditions in the target country corresponding to your specifiations. The JMP Medical relocatable unit works accurately and reliably in the most diverse climates. For use in residential areas, quieter equipment is available that meets the noise protection regulations of the respective location.

The JMP Medical mobile MRI unit can be used anywhere quickly as a mobile MRI scanner. It arrives fully functioning and is ready for immediate operation. In accordance with the motto “plug &play”, all you need is an adequate power supply. Once you have established a network connection, you can start examining your patients.


Mobile MR



The JMP Medical mobile MRI container is confiured according to your needs, both in terms of the technical equipment and the design. The MRI scanner ssupplied for the JMP unit are currently the SIEMENS®, Philips® and GE® 1.5T models.

Every JMP mobile unit comes equipped with an RF cabin and magnetic shielding. The interior design can be customized to your preferences.

The JMP mobile MRI container is supplied in three lengths with standard equipment, which can be extended if required. We also offer a variety of possibilities for the interior design as well as optional additions and functions of our mobile MRI units.

You can freely select the location of the window and the door to the operator’s room. Depending on the relocatable building dimension, the room layout is also variable.


• Interior fiishing
• RF cabin consisting of:
– 2 RF doors
– Revision window incl. cover
– RF window (operator’s room)
– 3 LED panels
– Antistatic flor
– Interior design
• Chiller incl. installation
• Air conditioning with temperature control via touch panel
• Electrical installations
• Insulation (max. permissible ambient temperature
-35° C to +65° C)
• Revision window incl. cover on the roof
• Exterior window in the operator’s room
• 2 doors (operator’s and technical room)
• RF coil storage
• External lamp at rear of container
• Stereo with loudspeakers, which can be connected
to patient’s headphone

• Choose between:
– Short table with chair and dressing room
– Long table with 2 chairs without dressing room
• Wall units (operator’s room)
• Smoke detector (technical and operator’s room)
• Electric heating









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